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Texas Size Grape Stomp at the Winery



TIME/LOCATION:10am - 4:30pm at Frascone Winery

DESCRIPTION: A fun filled day with events for the kids and those adults that are kids at heart. There will classes, costume contest, and whole lot more fun to be had...

CONTACT NAME: Jim Frascone


Grape Stomp Competition ($25.00 per team)

Stomp a bucket of grapes for three minutes

      A. Teams of two, one stomper and one swabber who collects the juice.
      a. Stomper actually steps on the grapes inside a 1/2 wine barrel.
      b. Swabber is the person that keeps the juice passage clear of     pulp, so juice flows.
      B. There will be Six teams for each round, the team that collects the most juice wins the round. Depending on the number of teams, we will continue elimination rounds until we get to the last round
which will determine the winners.
      C. Cash and prizes are given to the first, second, and third place teams.
      D. And a team and/or single costume contest: we will be looking for the best Lucy and Desi or Ethel look alike costumes
PLEASE SIGN UP now for the team competition……


Grape stomp for fun.

For $ 25.00 you get to stomp grapes, act like Lucy or Desi, and when done you can cast your foot prints onto your own souvenir tee-shirt.DESCRIPTION

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