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Join us for a glass and

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Wine Classes

One of the greatest satisfactions in our business is helping our customers make the best wine possible. In addition to providing our quality raw materials and products, we strive to make wine and winemaking information and education readily available. We have assembled information and guides on various aspects of wine making that we hope you will find helpful.

Winemaking 101 - $200 a person or $250 couple

What knowledge you should gain during this adventure:

·         red wine processing technique(s)

·         white wine processing method(s)

·         fruit wine variants

·         terminology of the wine crafting

·         basic chemistry of fine wine vinification 

·         all equipment needed to make a 5 gal batch of fine wine

·         the skills to clean and sanitize your equipment

·         your creation of your first 5 gal batch of fine wine

·         future help with bottling, if you require

·         a lifelong appreciation of wine

To attend: send an email to enroll to,  with the requested date or give us a call at the 504-914-3353.

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